Oropanel - Product Specification

Oropanel is our economical brand of aluminium composite panels. It consists of a top and bottom layer of coloured aluminium coil thermo-bonded to a polyethylene core in a continuous sandwiching process. Oropanel panels are pre-finished with premium pe and pvdf paint available in a wide range of attractive colours.

Besides being available in an eclectic range of colours, Oropanel panels can easily be bent into any shape and cut into any size, allowing the user complete freedom of architectural expression.

Applications   Color Chart
Panel Specifications
Panel Thickness Aluminium Thickness Coating Width Application
2mm 0.15mm PE 1220mm Interior
3mm 0.20mm PE 1220mm Interior
3mm 0.25mm PVDF 1220mm Exterior
4mm 0.25mm PVDF 1220mm Exterior
4mm 0.50mm PVDF 1220mm Exterior

Glazetech Aluminium Composite Panels are highly impact resistant due to their high strength and toughness. It has been shown that the outer layer of aluminium does not break even under high impact or when bent. Corrosive windy and sandy enviornments also have been shown not to affect the efficiency of the panels. The characteristics of Glazetech Aluminium Composite Panels are easy-maintenence, colour choice and evenness of coating, fire-resistant, high peeling strength, high impact resistant, light weight / easy to handle, sound proofing and weather insulation.

  • High strength and rigidity
  • Extra flat – creates smooth and even surfaces
  • Easy shaping and bending without loss to surface integrity
  • Weather insulation – allows very little temperature transfer
  • Sound insulation – reduces unwanted noises
  • Light weight and easy handling – reduces installation costs
  • UV resistant – retains high colour and gloss even after extended UV exposure
  • Fire resistant
  • Easy and quick installation – reduces construction time
  • Easy maintenance
  • High impact resistance
  • Wide choice of colours
  • High re-sale value – maintains a high re-sale value due to aluminium composition
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